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"There is no such thing as 'away'.  When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere"

Why it matters

The planet is drowning in single use waste.  As a nation, data states we DITCH at least 295 million single use cups EVERY YEAR across Aotearoa New Zealand!  And the stats on single use food containers is equally as ugly!

All these items, USED JUST ONCE then chucked into our greenspaces, our waterways and the ocean.  And what's worse, it's literally your hard earned cash being chucked into the landfill with every single use vessel!

We designed the swappa APP platform to provide business owners like you, a super easy to operate, reusable cup and food container swap system, so you can lead the change and support customers to CHOOSE REUSE NOT ONE USE everyday!

We're driven by a need to urgently encourage a shift in kiwis mindsets when it comes to their daily choices for takeaways.  We can do this by collaborating with you - awesome, passionate, like-minded hospo business owners who really do understand the importance of partnering to make REAL SUSTAINABLE CHANGE when it comes to single use waste and CHANGING CONSUMERS HABITS for the better good.


How swappa works for your business

We're initially launching our swappa APP with our CupCycling Reusable Cups.  In addition to reusable cups, soon we'll be offering REUSABLE FOOD CONTAINERS, which you can also choose to have AT YOUR CAFE.  Stay tuned for more info on our reusable food containers coming soon...

With CupCycling Cup Swap on the swappa APP, we provide you with everything you'll need to get underway, at NO UPFRONT COST to you!  

- CupCycling is JUST $59 per month including GST for your busienss (and even less if we can secure a local council or community group subsidy)

You'll receive the following CupCycling Kit, training and resources as part of your membership:
  • 75 CupCycling branded reusable cups
    And we provide you with a monthly fleet rebalance (at no additional cost), to ensure you always have cups available for swap
  • A complimentary sleeve of single use, organic, worm-farm friendly, compostable wood pulp lids which fit perfectly on the cups
  • Listing on our live MAP on the 'swappa' APP and on our 'cupcycling' website
  • Social media marketing of your business on our social platforms, in our advertising and marketing
  • "How it Works" PoS for your counter
    'Info for Staff' PoS
    'Best Practice Cleaning & Drying' PoS for Staff
  • A Contactless, easy to clean, 'Drop Bin' for customer cup returns
    A laminated Contactless Drop Bin sign
  • Your own 'swappa' QR Code Stickers for customer APP scanning
  • Window decal sticker(s) to advertise you're a participating CupCycling cafe
  • A BEFORE YOU START Check List and a CupCycling Instruction Manual
  • Membership in Aotearoa New Zealand's newest and most exciting reusable cup and food container swap platform!

Customers download the swappa APP in-store, by scanning your in-store QR code and fill in just a few details.
It's FREE for customers to use. Each time they take or return a cup, they simply SCAN your in-store QR code.
Customers then SCAN the QR code to either 'swap n go' for a clean cup or just 'drop n go' to drop off a cup, if they don't want another drink.
You clean the cups as per your standard cleaning processes (they are 100% commercial sanitiser/dishwasher safe) then put them back out on the machine, ready for REUSE... and round and round they go!


There is NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW to Join the Reuse Revolution and help make Aotearoa Disposable Cup Free with CupCycling™ on the 'swappa' APP

GET IN TOUCH with us and find out how YOUR CAFE can JOIN THE REUSE REVOLUTION and start diverting nasty single-use from landfill!

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