When I Join CupCycling I Pledge:

  1. Use the CupCycling cups in accordance with the spirit of the CupCycling cup swap system
  2. Use the APP & Scanning to ‘check out’ and ‘check in’ my cups.
  3. Understand I DO NOT own any CupCycling Cup and I am simply borrowing it from the participating cafes.
  4. Understand I CANNOT purchase a CupCycling Cup, as they are specifically for ‘shared use’ across the CupCycling network.
  5. Understand I SHOULD NOT use a CupCycling Cup for any other purpose than consuming my hot drink.
  6. To look after the cup and if I choose to wash it myself, I will will wash it using eco-friendly detergent and hot water or in a dishwasher with eco-friendly wash product.
  7. Accept cafe staff have the discretion to reject a cup which is mouldy, or unsanitary. Should this occur the cafe staff will advise me to “check out” another clean cup, take the mouldy or unsanitary cup away, rinse it then “scan it in” next time you are at a participating CupCycling cafe.
  8. Use my CupCycling Cup with either NO LID or the recommended home compostable, worm farm friendly, wood pulp lids. (Reusable lids coming soon).
  9. Whenever possible, leave the wood pulp lid on the cup when I go to a cafe with my used CupCycling cup. This way the cafe can manage its disposal appropriately.
  10. Return any cup(s) I “scan out” and understand if I do not return the cup(s) within 14 days to any CupCycling cafe I will be charged a non-refundable fee of $10.00. The fee covers the cost of the non-returned cup and the cost of a replacement cup for the cafe.
  11. If I am charged the penalty fee I understand I can still “scan in” the cup and get a cup credit on my account, however the $10 penalty fee is non refundable.
  12. Understand that if I forget my cup(s) I can simply “scan out” another cup, up to a maximum of 3 cups.
  13. Understand that I can scan out a maximum of 10 cups in one transaction under a ‘Group Grab’ (e.g. for a work shout) and understand I am responsible for the return of all ‘Group Grab’
  14. Not to mark, brand, or personalise the CupCycling cups in any way.
  15. Use the recommended ORDERING & RETURN procedures below:

    i. Order your drink (Unless you specify otherwise, the barista will replace like for like with regard to lid option)
    ii. Open the APP and select the relevant option (Grab, Swap, Drop or Group Grab)
    iii. Scan the CupCycling QR Codeiv. Pay for the drink(s) if taking further cup(s)
    v. Enjoy and return next time